We are grateful for the hard working staff who brave the storms to keep our roadways and community safe!
In preparation of another upcoming snow event, the Hammonton Public Works Department has issued the following information for residents.
Our Public Works Department is working hard to make driving safer and easier in snowy weather. Depending on the duration and amount of snowfall, town trucks may plow your street several times. As snow rolls off our plows, it will accumulate in driveways. Please understand that this is unavoidable, and it is the homeowner’s responsibility to clear it. Here are some helpful hints to make “snow” business less frustrating:
Shovel snow to the right side of your driveway (facing the street) to minimize the amount of snow entering your driveway.
If possible, wait until the town trucks have made at least two passes on your street before clearing your driveway. Some wider roadways require multiple passes.
Shovel and/or blow snow onto the curb or the grass, not into the street. This creates hazardous spots.
DO NOT PARK cars on the street from one hour after snow has continuously fallen until 12 hours after snow has stopped. This speeds the removal process and prevents cars from being plowed in.
To ensure safety of pedestrians, residents must remove snow from sidewalks following a snow fall. Please remember that children are walking to school and bus stops are all over town.
In the event of deep snow, please shovel around your mailbox and fire hydrants near your house – for your safety and your neighbors’.
Not all roads in Hammonton are maintained by the Town DPW. During bad weather, we often receive many calls from our residents about the condition of roads whose maintenance is the responsibility of Atlantic County or NJ State DOT. We’re happy to relay your concerns, but if you would like to reach the Atlantic County Public Works Department directly, please call (609) 645-5830, NJ State DOT, please call (609)588-6213. Here is a list of those roads:
Atlantic County DPW Roadways (609) 645-5830
North Egg Harbor Road (Fairview Avenue to County Line)
North & South Chew Rd
North 3rd Street
Fairview Avenue (Chew Rd to White Horse Pike)
Central Avenue
Moss Mill Road
Main Road
Columbia Road
Middle Road
Pleasant Mills Road
Weymouth road
State of NJ DOT DPW (Department of Transportation) (609)588-6213
Route 54 (aka- 12th, Bellevue)
Route 30 (aka White Horse Pike)