August 1, 2017

Message from Hammonton Public Utilities regarding the safety of your drinking water

Last week the article “45 N.J. Towns that have harmful Pollutants in Drinking Water, According to a New Study” stated that harmful contaminates were detected in Hammonton’s and many other town’s water supplies. The following is a list of compounds that pose a potential risk.

Compound                                                  NJDEP Standard                     Hammonton’s Results

  1. Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs) 80 parts per billion           Non-detect to 3.66 parts per billion          (includes Coliform, Bromoform, Dibromochloromethanes, and Dichlorobromomethane combined)

2. Tetrachloroethylene                          1.0 part per billion                 0.410 parts per billion


3.  Radiological contaminants

Radium -228                                        5.0 picocuries per liter            Non-detect to 1.10 pCi/L

Hammonton’s water supply meets all Federal and State Drinking Water Standards.

If you have any questions about Hammonton’s water quality please contact Anthony DeCicco, Superintendent of Public Utilities at or by phone at 609.567.4331.

Our annual Consumer Confidence Report is available through the Town of Hammonton Website. Hardcopies are available at Town Hall, Atlantic County Public Library and Hammonton Public Utilities office.


080117 water supply message