Hammonton’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning is making strides this summer. The Town and its partners – including New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) and Sam Schwartz (a transportation planning firm here in New Jersey) – are creating a Plan for improving walking and bicycling. A Steering Committee has been formed to provide targeted input and liaise ideas between the planning process and communities within Hammonton.
A principally virtual approach to solicit public input has started, to ensure a representative Plan. Whether people live, work or play in Hammonton, public feedback will help address safety, connectivity, and convenience of getting around (including along priority road corridors).
A project website has been launched at www.townofhammonton.org/bike-ped-planning. It includes a community survey and interactive “wiki map” to share experiences, including barriers to walking and bicycling, ideas for improvement, or even suggestions for a new walking or bicycling route or destination.
On Wednesday, July 29, 2020, at 7:00pm, a “public information center” live event will start on the website, with a presentation and Q&A session introducing the project process to the public. Technology and the Town’s social media sites, cable access, and livestreaming service will be utilized to ensure participation is accessible to the public.
Ultimately, the goal is to increase opportunities to walk and cycle in Hammonton. This vision will move forward as the Plan advances.