Hammonton Police Department
Chief of Police Robert Jones
Phone: (609-567-4300) Ext. 1
FAX: (609) 567-2454
Emergencies Only: 9-1-1-
Location: 100 Central Ave. Hammonton, New Jersey
Town of Hammonton Office of Emergency Management
Atlantic County Multi-Jurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning Project -Natural hazards have the potential to cause property damage, loss of life, economic hardship, and threats to public health and safety. Hazard mitigation measures are the things you do today to be more protected in the future. They are measures taken before a disaster happens to reduce the impact that future disasters will have on people and property in the community. Mitigation reduces the risk of loss and creates a more disaster-resistant and sustainable community. Hazard mitigation measures are essential to breaking the typical disaster cycle of damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage.